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Summer Planets by A. T. Nager (a teenager)


Writing as Jean-Thomas Cullen (Poetry/Sentimental Fiction)

The Bells of Notre Dame—2017 Novel, relevant & nostalgic, reissued after 2019 fire at Paris cathedral; has its own website.

On Saint Ronan Street
Stop By (formerly titled Nice Cry)

Writing as John T. Cullen: Nonfiction

Dead Move: Kate Morgan & The Haunting Mystery of Coronado
Vanished Flight 777 (MH370)
Coronado Mystery
Exogravitation: Dark Energy is Dead
The God Page
Sator Enigma: Ancient Roman Mystery Solved at Last

Writing as John T. Cullen: Fiction (Thrillers)

Lethal Journey 1892 noir based on true crime (see Dead Move)
Valley of Seven Castles 39 Steps + North by Northwest + Bourne Identity
The Christmas Clock—Time's River of Dust (Ray Bradbury Loved It!)
CON2: The Generals of October (Second Constitutional Convention)
Doctor Night (tradition of Ian Fleming, Robert Ludlum, et al.)
Airport Novel—The World is Round; Memories of Love & War 1942-1992
Terror in my Arms San Diego suspense thriller.

Writing as John Argo: DarkSF (Science Fiction)

Nebula Express
Doom Spore San Diego
Meta4City (Monopol City)
Robinson Crusoe 1,000,000 A.D.
Woman in the Sea

Writing as John Argo: Empire of Time (Science Fiction)

Lantern Road
Mars the Divine
Star Clans (Moon Berry Wine)
Runners: Escape from Prison World or Die
Orwell in Orbit 2084: Dystopia USA

Writing as John Argo: Misc. Categories

Mona Lisa Novel (Paris Nocturne)
YANAPOP: Run For Your Life, a Love Story
Neon Blue
Have Blue
The Sibyl's Urn


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